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Life Design is about defining and pursuing your life vision, and accomplishing the goals necessary to get there. Life Design is the rejection of average living. It’s making the improvements necessary in life to start living now instead of later. Life Design is the strategic process of taking control of your life in all areas. It applies to any positive, committed behavior intended to improve the self in some way. This process is active, ongoing, and deliberate.

Our Life Coaches are psychologists, business executives, fitness experts, entrepreneurs, nutritionists, freethinkers, and trend setters. They are experts in their field with proven track records of success in their industry. Their qualifications and experience go beyond basic certifications. They have mastered Life Design and are now ready to help you do the same. For more information, check this out.
Yes. And if you’re willing and committed to putting in the effort, the results are guaranteed. But seriously, working regularly with a coach or mentor is scientifically proven to bring results. For more information, check this out.
Investing in yourself and your future is absolutely worth it, isn’t it? And the numbers don’t lie. We’ve put together this very simple (and fun) financial model to show you what we mean.

At Hundred, we believe in open communication. Our coaches will guide you through challenges using their professional expertise and unique life experiences. They understand firsthand how straightforward communication, dedication, and hard work all come together to create positive change. They are driven and focused individuals that constantly practice the techniques they teach. They are ready teach you the same tools to get you beyond average living.

Hundred Life Design is for those willing to make a radical change, those ready to make old behaviors transform into new patterns, and the brave individuals willing to replace their fears with action. It is for the person who is tired of putting their “real life” on hold. Not sure if you’re ready to make all these changes? Don’t worry, we’ll get you there. Maybe you are facing conflict, are frustrated with life, engaged in a disagreement with a spouse or partner, have a huge decision to make, or are experiencing some really serious life circumstances. You are an excellent candidate for Hundred Life Design as we are here to guide you through the more difficult parts of life. Are you ready to take an active role in your life? If so, you are a perfect candidate for Hundred Life Design.

Some of our life designers hold degrees in mental health fields, but no matter their training or education, Hundred Life Design is not intended to treat or diagnose any forms or mental illness. It is also NOT a resource for people looking for a therapist or counselor and we do NOT treat any psychiatric disorders. If you experiencing any symptoms of a possible mental health disorder you are encouraged to reach out to a mental health provider. Your Life Designer will not be able to provide you with a list of providers. Remember this is NOT therapy.

If you are not satisfied with any part of your experience, let us know and we will make it right. Use our general contact form, located at the bottom of our main page. Provide us with some details about your issue and we will address the situation ASAP. You can also reach us at info@hundredlifedesign.com.


Our coaches are split into levels, Standard and Pro. The difference is really about their experience rather than the overall quality of the service. Every Life Designer is a unique person, and will therefore offer their own style and personality. Our pricing model is designed to reflect these differences. But not matter who you choose, Hundred Life Design guarantees the professionalism and effectiveness of all Life coaches.

Each and every conversation you have with your Coach will be a unique blend of both you and your Coach’s experiences and knowledge. They will help you overcome everything from daily challenges to major life events. You may discuss disappointments, frustrations, goals, and how to take control of your future. Though all experiences are unique, there are a few consistencies to expect from your work with your Coach. You will always have your Coach’s full attention. So, be as transparent as possible, your Coach is not a mind reader and they will need your help to make sure you get where you want to go. The more open you are the more beneficial your work will be. Your Coach will also ask questions with the intent of understanding your presenting problem or challenges. Once you both have flushed out the problem, your Coach will begin strategizing how you will work toward your goals. Your Coach will then assign important “mini- assignments” to reinforce what you’ve talked about and to help you reach your goals at home. After all, most change happens in the gaps between your conversations. Keep in mind that your Coach is not magical, though sometimes they may feel that way! Change takes hard work on your part, so as your Coach listens to you, strategizes with you, and helps you develop a plan for your future, do your part to reinforce the change.

Our Life Coaches will talk about almost any life, career, or health related challenge preventing you from taking full control of your life. This may include frustrations, disappointments, or setbacks you encountered or anticipate in the future. It can also be conversations around preventative measures, self improvement, motivation, guidance, a second perspective, or simply an open minded person to hear out an idea. Your Coach isn’t a fairy godmother, they don’t have any superpowers (though that would be awesome) and they cannot compel you to change. They will listen and work with you in an enthusiastic, nonjudgmental, and supportive way to help you uncover for yourself what is best for your life. Our Coaches will do their part, and if you do yours too, you will see real change and growth.

The answer is yes. All of your personal information including demographic data, contact information, and payment information are securely stored in encrypted servers. The video conversations between you and your Life Designer are NOT recorded, stored, or saved. Furthermore, each Life Coach has signed confidentiality agreements and is sworn to keep your conversations private. Your information is not shared with other Coaches or administration. Of course there are limitations to confidentiality. Namely, if you are a danger to yourself, making threats of suicide, if you are a danger to others and threatening to harm another person, or if you are engaging in, or reporting, abuse. Excluding these rare circumstances, the only people that know anything about your conversation will be your Coach and you. If you need any more information on our confidentiality policy, please click HERE.

You are not under any sort of contract nor obliged to stick with one particular Life Coach. You may talk with any Coach at any time. You may even want to talk with more than one. Simply put, you are free to talk with whomever you like.

If you change your mind, or cannot make a session, you have options on how to proceed, please review our refund policy.

Not finding someone who specializes in exactly what you’re looking for? Not a problem, we can help get your paired up! Many of our coaches cover more topics than listed on their profiles, it’s sometimes a challenge to capture all the areas in which a Life Designer can work with you. Use our contact form and tell us a bit about what you’re looking for, including: conversation topics, preferred language, and price point. We’ll get back to you asap with some solid candidates.


We use Zoom Video Communications in order to give you the friendliest user experience possible. You will need to download the Zoom app for your PC, Mac or or mobile device. But don’t worry! This is just a one time thing. For any issues downloading the app or about Zoom in general, visit their homepage.

If you forgot your password, username, or both, simply click the “forgot login info” button on the login screen. A new temporary login ID will be sent to you.

You to easily and instantly share files (PDFs, word documents, etc.) between you and your Coach. For computer users, you can simply attach, or click and drag the files into the chat field. Please note that this feature only works for PC and MAC computers.

Sending files to your Coach is common and encouraged, especially if you are forwarding your resume or other presentation content for review. If you choose to do this, whatever you send will be out of the control of Hundred Life Design and yourself. That said, our Coaches are professionals. But if you have documentation that is proprietary, classified, private, that is under contract or requires clearance to view, it is better that you NOT send this information to our Coaches.

If you’re interested in working with a particular Coach but he/she does not have any available time slots, you can notify them directly by doing the following:

  1. Select the Coach you wish to work with.
  2. View their calendar
  3. Click the “Propose a Time” Button

This will prompt your Coach to either accept your proposal or provide additional alternative times.  

If you’re interested in working with a particular Coach but he/she does not have any available time slots, you can notify them directly by doing the following:

  1. Select the Coach you wish to work with.
  2. View their calendar
  3. Click the “Propose a Time” Button

This will prompt your Coach to either accept your proposal or provide additional alternative times.


No problem, we're happy to help. Use our contact form and drop us a line!

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