Brett Kaufman
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This coach is a recognized leader in their industry and a master in their practice.

Brett Kaufman

Developing / Entrepreneur / Investing Coach

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PRICE: $500 / Hour


Developer, entrepreneur, investor, coach & speaker. For the collective, I create spaces that optimize the human experience. For the individual, I help integrate past experiences and future purpose into daily life.


  • Founder of Kaufman Developments Since 2011
  • Specializes in enhancing daily lifestyle by building communities through real estate


  • Real Estate Industry Expert

    Entering the world of real estate has given me the opportunity to find my passion and fully utilize my skills. I mentor professionals in this industry or similar who can benefit greatly from my knowledge and past experiences

  • Strategic Planning

    I specialize in creating thorough and strategic plans for those who need to identify and tackle any challenges they face. Strategy is critical for high-level preparedness and success, let me help you get there

  • Marketing Expert

    Through my 9+ years creating and expanding Kaufman Developments, effective marketing is one of the most crucial aspects of any successful business. Let's work together to develop and utilize strategic marketing tactics

  • Contract Negotiation

    Success from my field of work depends heavily on well-balanced contracts. I can help you broaden your skills and raise your awareness of key variables that will help help improve your contract negotiation outcomes

Independent Business Owner/Broker at The RANO Company Brokerage

Vision, creative, thoughtful, and productive. Brett is a leader in his field!
— Chris Rano