Billy Blanks Jr

Billy Blanks Jr

High School - High Honors

Never accept "NO" as an answer when it comes to your goals and dreams.

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Billy made history on the hit ABC TV Show Shark tank where he turned down a deal from Mark Cuban and Daymond John. Daymond broke all the rules and left the tank to persuade Billy to take the deal. Billy's company, went from 2 instructors to 2000 plus worldwide and growing and his Movetube Network is at 40 million plus streams.

He is self-taught and was working professionally from his youth, Billy started choreographing school musical productions at age 14. Music videos: Paula Abdul, Madonna, Crystal Methods, Quincy Jones and Babyface, Celine Dion and more. TV: American Dreams with Alicia Keys, The Practice, Sister Sister, Kids Incorporated, The Tonight Show, Dancing With The Stars, So You Think You Can Dance, The Ellen Show, The View, Dr Oz, & The Meredith Vieira Show. Broadway: Tyrone Jackson in the US and Europe touring company of the Broadway musical “Fame.”

Directing: WeSparkle Take II Celebrity Concert with Tom Hanks, Jason Alexander, Bryan Cranston, Joey Lawrence, Britney Spears, Michael Chiklis, Hal Sparks and the end sequence for the movie “I Hope You Dance., One Night at Madison Square Garden in 2018. Artistic Director at The Historical Wall Street Theater.


  • Made History on ABC's Shark Tank


  • Goals!

    I will help you create reachable goals and plans to get there.

  • Drive, Determination & Perseverance

    I will teach you the skills Ive learned & used to keep moving forward with any & all set backs. Knowing when to keep moving or to redirect. I will show you there are several paths to your goals & the one you're on can change

  • Value!

    I will work with you on how to know your value. It is important to value your work or no one else will.

  • Finding the Joy in your work!

    If you don't enjoy what you do then you shouldn't be doing it. Enjoying an loving what you do is key element.

  • How to create Opportunities for yourself.

    I will teach you the methods I used in speaking my goals out loud and then making them happen by finding the path and following it.

  • Seizing the opportunities!

    This is one of the most important elements I like to speak on. I will help guide you on how to seize your opportunities so they are not wasted.

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