Cameasha Muhammad

Cameasha Muhammad

Certified Transformation and Mindset Coach, M.A. Forensic Psychology

Become the Leader of Your Own Life, Live L.I.F.E. on Purpose. Be unapologetic, no excuses, no B.S., only results.

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PRICE: $100 / Hour


She is the founder of Extreme Transformation, Confident Purposeful Impact and Create Your Universe, innovative programs that focus on mindset mastery to guide women to have the courage, confidence, and compassion to be who they truly are and break free of all limits that stop them from living the life they want to live while staying authentic and pushing through excuses and their own selves to get results.


  • M.A. Forensic Psychology - Chicago School of Professional Psychology


  • Excuse Hacking

    I help you identify and move through excuses by building a plan of action to instead get results.

  • Goal Achievement

    I help you build a tangible plan to reach your goals based on who you are, your behavioral tendencies and what you want.

  • Extreme Execution

    We will work towards living your ideal life by implementing scientifically proven behavior analysis to allow you to operate as your best self to reach higher levels.

  • Communication

    We will work on your professional and personal communication skills to allow for richer more fulfilling relationships to help also improve your advancement in life.