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Dr. Moto Fujii

Life Coach for Total Fitness

Be YOURSELF Everyone Else is Taken (by Oscar Wilde) MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY with Minimum Effort (by Jigoro Kano)

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I (Dr. Moto Fujii, Psy.D. LCSW) have clinical experiences as a licensed psychologist and LCSW in California. I have worked as a senior clinical/forensic psychologist supervisor at a state hospital and CDCR (prison), Immigration Psychologist, and Professor. I also manage a small private practice in Central Valley, CA. Personally I enjoy my family life and being a part of different communities including sports and church. I like coffee, white wine, BBQ, fishing, and camping.

There is no set agenda for your sessions. You are the agenda. I will accommodate your life session approaches accordingly. Each session is distinctively unique respecting your Life Goal and Objectives. You and I will collaboratively formulate your individually tailored Life Map.

The great therapist Carl Rogers once said, "The good life is a process, not a state of being,"
I am here to support you through the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

We will discuss your goals and objectives. I will formulate the Best Life Plan for you utilizing my professional and personal experiences. We will go over and discuss the plan.

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  • Psy.D. (Licensed Clinical Psychologist), LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)


  • Personal Growth

    My collaborative/interactive/didactic approaches will help you maximize your total physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual health with a focus on your personal growth!

  • Professional Development

    Do you Love your current profession? Are you providing positive contributions toward the society? Life is full of opportunities and your learning never ends. You will never retire. Let's explore your true mission together!

  • POSITIVE Psychology

    Why HAPPY People are HAPPY? Why OPTIMISTIC People are OPTIMISTIC? Are you Happy and Optimistic? I will help you find and appreciate your strengths and potentials for your SUCCESS leading to your Happiness:)