Edyta Romanowicz

Edyta Romanowicz

Master Confidence Coach

“We cannot become what we want by remaining what we are”  -Max Depree

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PRICE: $140 / Hour


I work with ambitious and successful women who have it all on paper but not in their heart and mind. I help these women create confidence and fulfillment in order to KNOW that they are thriving. My direct approach coupled with 12 years of corporate leadership experience helps women reach their biggest and scariest goals in half the time they would on their own. My clients have created the following in their lives with my support:
- Loving Relationships
- Marriage & Partnership
- Successful Start Ups
- Work/Life Balance
- Return from "failed" marriage
- Clear communication
- Dream Job
- Career Changes
- Body Positivity
...andso much more. Bottom line: I help women take their lives from okay to awe inspiring. Ready?


  • Accomplishment Coaching - Coach & Leadership Program
  • Accomplishment Coaching - Coach Trainer
  • Lyra Health - Mental Health Coach
  • 12 years of Corporate Account Management - Marketing & Technology ( Coupons.com & LinkedIn most notably)


  • Body Positivity

    Through my own journey of eating disorder recovery, I learned to support women in seeing and treating their bodies as powerhouses that deserve love, respect, nurturing and care vs punishment and scrutiny.

  • Communication

    I teach my clients to communicate in effective and compassionate ways in all areas of their lives: intimate relationships, friendships, career conversations and their own inner dialogue.