George Lee Jones Ii

George Lee Jones Ii

Life and Business Coach

It is my desire to assist you in living a more skillful and joyful LIFE!

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PRICE: $160 / Hour


With over 25 years of business experience, I am inspired by ideas that promote progressive long-term growth potential for corporations and individuals alike. I am all about providing realistic executable plans. I utilize leadership coaching strategies that obtain proven results and desired objectives. I motivate by implementing mentoring techniques, to bring out the fullest potential of each and every individual involved. Contact me and let's get YOU winning!!!


  • B.A. Psychology/Political Science
  • Former Franchisee of Dickey's Barbecue
  • Volunteer at L.A. Mission


  • Relationships

    We continually ask ourselves many questions of right and wrong in regards to our decision making. The best option for all involved, albeit personal or professional is that a decision is made promptly. Adjustments can be made.

  • Entrepreneurial & Leadership Coaching

    I possess the tools and skills to help current and starting business owners navigate the in's and out's of a successful launch or continued growth of their existing business venture.

  • Childhood Trauma

    All of us start from birth. We encounter different experiences in our upbringing and environmental exposures. How we are assimilated into society determines our understanding of life into adulthood.