Greg Karl
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Greg Karl

CEO, Consultant, Executive Coach

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I am an experienced CEO, Consultant, Facilitator and Executive Coach focused on partnering with Leaders & Leadership Teams to co-create an inspired vision, strategy and culture. A business with a better understanding of their core values & purpose can evolve and transform their strategy and execution to places they didn't previously think possible. The result; more successful hiring and retention of great people, greater customer satisfaction, scaleable growth and increased profits. Enjoy the process along the way!

Experience with IT, Financial, Professional Sports Hospitality, Construction, Restaurants, Destination Management, Catering and Incentive Travel businesses.


  • Active Managing Director at People Stretch Solutions
  • Current CEO of Steph Change Coaching and Consulting
  • Former President of Epicurean Group
  • Expert Consultant and Executive Coach


  • Growth Expert

    Rooted through my 25+ years of leadership experience, my clients receive high-level advice aimed at strengthening and progressing their business ventures. Let's get started!

  • Entrepreneurship

    Learning from my own experiences in my personal coaching start-up, I can help you take control of your situation to reach your objectives.

  • Event Planning Expert

    As former COO & President of Epicurean Group for 20+ years, I have thorough experience in the production and catering industry. These skills are applicable to many possible business situations, let's get connected!

  • Vision Creator

    I focus on partnering leaders & their teams to create an inspired vision, strategy and culture. Success derives from the health of these three creations, let me help you get there!