Gregory James

Gregory James

Private Chef, Manager of Private Members Club

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PRICE: $160 / Hour


As a private chef, I work with people to help them create culinary masterpieces. Whether you are interested in cooking for pleasure, for an event, or for dietary concerns, I can help you develop your skills as a chef. For those of you who want to take your healthy and delicious cooking skills to the next level, I can help you get there.


  • Manager of Private Members Club, Manhattan, NY
  • Professional Chef Certification from Ballymaloe Cookery School, Ireland
  • B.Sc. in Psychology and Business - University of Oregon
  • NASM Personal Trainer Certification
  • 200hr Yoga Certification


  • Talk. Cook. Eat.

    I can teach you how to prep and cook your favorite meals in the time it takes to have a call. Select a recipe, buy the ingredients, and cook with me in real time!

  • Food Presentation

    I will show you how to properly plate and stage your cooking. Make your next photoshoot or dinner party really stand out with professional quality presentation. Also great for impressing your dinner date!

  • Diet Specific Meals

    Following a specific diet does not mean you need to sacrifice flavor or character! Learn how to maintain (or enhance) the palatability of your cooking while sticking to your health goals.

  • Culinary Techniques

    From knife skills to food science, I can help you master the techniques used by the world's best chefs. Details can make or break a dish, so be sure you got the fundamentals down!

  • Menu Planning for Events & Formal Service

    Cooking for a celebration or a large event? Don't let yourself get overwhelmed. I can help you become a celebrity chef among your guests!

  • Upgrade Your Recipes

    Got a recipe that just isn't meeting expectations? Want to one-up your friends at the next pot luck? Let's have a look at what you're cooking and see how we can make it extraordinary.