Harry Clark
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Harry Clark

High Growth CEO Coach, Bestselling Author, MBA

Our life and happiness are not limited by our circumstances, but are the result of your focus and effort.

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As a bestselling author, highly-awarded serial entrepreneur and a highly-rated keynote speaker on entrepreneurship, I've accumulated 35 years worth of wisdom through education and experience. I've been fortunate to be the founder and CEO of two Inc. 500 companies and was awarded EY Entrepreneur of the Year.

This experience enables me to guide my clients through their unique paths, challenges and obstacles that are part of life's journey.


  • BS and MBA - California State University, Long Beach
  • Entrepreneur of the Year - EY
  • Founder and CEO of Two Inc 500 Companies
  • MIT Birthing of Giants- 1993-96
  • Amazon Bestselling Author of Mistakes Millionares Make


  • Scaling a Business- High Growth

    I work with you to manage the chaos and challenges of scaling a business. Strategies and tactics needed to attain high growth.

  • Inspiring Your Team

    I work with you on ways to inspire your team, creating excitement and vibrancy that lead to success for all.

  • Balancing Risk and Success

    I help you consider the risk versus reward when facing opportunities.