Hart Steen

Hart Steen

Founder CEO- IT Diversified

"Consciousness is simply the capacity to be aware and to choose... This is in fact the most basic business skill. The most basic life skill. - Fred Kaufman

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Life is comprised of 3 things. Experience, Expression and the Observer. Often we can get caught up very deeply in the first 2 and forget that the power lies in remembering we are actually the 3rd. I have spent my life's experiences studying, seeking, and discovering the ways to reclaim this. Every moment I do, no matter how I am expressing myself (husband, father, businessman) is pure fulfillment. I know it is possible for everyone. I'm here to bring clarity through the discovery and support along the journey.


  • Successful founder of multiple startups- Tech, Travel, and Entertainment
  • PSM- Professional Scrum Master
  • PSPO- Professional Scrum Product Owner
  • Lean Six Sigma Certified
  • Paul Chek Holistic Life Coach


  • Spirituality

    Often we collapse Spirituality with Religion or Philosophy. I believe that there is a very real, very palpable experience of freedom that is outside of Thinking (mind) or Feeling (body) discovered through Knowing (spirit)

  • Business

    Business is the new self discovery. Failure is in and agility is crucial. Identifying and being able to focus on the highest value actions is crucial in today's marketplace. Understanding how to utilize frameworks is key.

  • Innovation AKA Creativity

    Everyone is born creative. We all have a unique contribution to bring to the world. Often though this is educated or controlled right out us. Working to remove the barriers to our authenticity is priceless.

  • Health and Wellness

    You are a total package. You can't separate the mind, body and spirit. You can definitely get them out of alignment though! Stress, Sleep, Food, Activity, Thoughts and Beliefs are just the beginning. Balance is the end result