Janee Henderson

Janee Henderson

M.Ed in Counseling Psychology

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PRICE: $200 / Hour


At some point, we have to ask ourselves: Do you have dreams but aren't actualizing them? Do you lack motivation or the push you need to get ahead? My areas of focus include confidence/ self-esteem building, creating healthy relationships, anger management, navigating difficult life changes, and conflict resolution. As a coach, I believe that you are the expert on your life and what works best for you. I aim to empower and offer you additional tools to help you live your life the way you have always imagined.


  • M.Ed Counseling Psychology- Temple University
  • Currently Pursuing Ph.D in Counseling Psychology
  • Licensed Professional Counselor


  • Relationships

    I work with you to recognize dysfunctional patterns in your relationships to improve outcomes to those closest to you.

  • Self-Esteem

    I assist you in developing a more positive view of yourself and processing undesirable qualities you may see.

  • Goal-Setting

    I aim to help you identify realistic and obtainable goals.