Jarrett Walters
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Jarrett Walters

Business & Leadership Coach

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I'm a driven, people-minded person who thrives in an environment where quick thinking and the ability to adapt on the fly is valued. I excel in areas where I can devote focused attention to the project at hand so that I can quickly review and diagnose strengths and weaknesses and then develop plans for corrective and proactive measures to further both employee and customer satisfaction. I thoroughly enjoy the sales process, especially as I develop long lasting business relationships with others who are interested in understanding more of what I can do to help them beyond the immediate and obvious tools at my disposal.


  • Hawaiian Building Maintenance - President & COO
  • YPO Member since 2018
  • BOMA - Board Member
  • Palama Settlement - President of the Board of Trustees
  • Princeton University - 2004
  • ABC Hawaii - Board Member


  • Leadership

    With over 15 years of executive leadership experience, I can help you with expanding your skills and capacity as a genuine leader yourself.

  • Business Development

    New businesses, existing businesses, or businesses in need of a turn around, I can help be your sounding board and support for getting the results you want.

  • Real Estate and Project Management

    For those specifically interested in real estate development, property management, construction projects and more. This is an area of particular expertise for me.

  • People Engagement

    Whether you're a leader or not quite one yet, your ability to get other people engaged and behind your ideas is a huge part of your success going forward.