Jason Ward

Jason Ward

M.A. in Applied Sociology and Community Leadership

Focus on following your interests, and maybe you'll discover passion along the way.

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I’ve spent the past 20 years starting things—taking them from idea through launch and early execution. From creating the first codified training and orientation program for the Marion County Juvenile Probation Department to designing the Boardable software and helping to found the company, I have found enjoyment in getting things off the ground. I can see patterns and connections that are often missed by others, enabling me to identify great ideas and place them in the proper context. I excel at recognizing and seizing an opportunity.

What I have learned in the past 25 years is that design isn’t a result, it’s a process. That process exists for one purpose—to arrive at the best answer to address whatever problem or opportunity is presenting itself. Sometimes the answer is clearer brand identity. Sometimes it is a more modern and easier-to-use website. Occasionally, the opportunity is to start a new company or build a new product. I’ve done all of these things, more than once. In every case, the journey started with a question to which the answer was “I don’t know, but let’s find out!”


  • Conceived and designed a multi-million-dollar SaaS product.
  • Built and led multiple web and mobile design and development teams.
  • Launched four businesses with varying levels of success.
  • Completed undergraduate and graduate degrees while working at or near full-time.


  • Startup Consulting

    I help entrepreneurs identify opportunities and navigate business-level challenges.

  • Career Coaching

    I can help early and mid-career professionals identify ways to further their careers.