Dr. John W. Johnson

Dr. John W. Johnson

Psychologist - PhD

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PRICE: $200 / Hour


I am a Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY 19013) specializing in the application of cognitive-behavioral therapy interventions and life focus coaching. I have over 30 years of experience helping people to break through their self-constructed barriers and have been a professor, counselor, coach, and advocate to many along the way. I hope to work with you soon.


  • Masters of Arts Degrees in Psychology, Theology, and Psychopharmacology
  • Multiple awards for teaching excellence and advocacy efforts
  • Leadership positions in hospitals, State professional committees, and sales jobs
  • Private business owner, employee, supervisor, and volunteer all at the same time in different groups


  • Integrative psycho-spiritual well-being

    I use my experience in theology as well as core clinical tools to help people focus their energies on what matters most to them in this world and beyond. We will set goals based on an enhanced self-awareness and achieve them.

  • Anxiety management through better thinking

    We all struggle with something, whether we are clearly aware of what that is makes all the difference in our perceptions of joy and happiness. We will apply proven tools and seek the answers together.

  • Finding your way through the fog

    We all struggle with those days - you know them - in which everything seems to blur together and nothing gets done well. We will discuss ways to clear the mental fog and excel.

  • Navigating the relationship wilderness

    Is the right person out there somewhere or have I found them already and don't even realize it. We will explore your needs and wants and apply new skills for better outcomes.