Joy Yascone-elms Ma

Joy Yascone-elms Ma

MA Holistic Health, Executive Coach, Founder CEO The Power Of Divine Timing

Any one can become a millionaire but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer! J.P Morgan Founder of Chase Bank

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Manifest your new business goal, career, promotion, Love, relationship, romance, and Marriage with The Power of Divine Timing (TM) Coaching program.

As an astrological life coach, founder of The Power of Divine Timing technique and author of The Power of Divine Timing 2019; It is my gift and job to help you maximize your blessings in flow with your own personal divine timing to manifest the life you desire with precise timing and accuracy! Accurately timing our efforts is paramount in seizing the opportunities that will make our lives extraordinary and abundant. As an astrological life coach and holistic counselor with inherited intuitive ability, I utilize your astrological chart and current astrological influence to assist you in making your dreams reality. I've coached hundreds of clients to success in career, love, marriage, and business, utilizing my intuitive abilities along with astrological data for precise timing. I opened her astrological coaching practice at the Wainwright House in Rye, New York, and founded The Power of Divine Timing™ to help clients nurture the correct source at correct time.


  • Author Founder The Power of Divine Timing tm
  • Success Leadership
  • Love, Marriage, Relationship Coach The Joy Method tm
  • Founder of The Joy Method for Marriage and relationships


  • Astrological Coach

    Author and Founder of The Power of Divine Timing technique tm Helping clients manifest in alignment with their own powerful divine timing!