Kia Lee

Kia Lee


The issue is usually lack of direction, not lack of time. Discipline and pushing yourself beyond your perceived limitations is the only way to free your mind. I am on a relentless pursuit of self betterment, both of the body and mind.

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PRICE: $100 / Hour


By removing fear and adding mindfulness, I discovered that we react in life the way we THINK things are. I specialize in creating self-positive motivation and self- empowerment coaching to get you surpassing your potential.


  • 10 years + Extensive experience as an Executive Assistant, Project Manager and Administrator (Hedge Funds, Family Office)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), NASM
  • Professional Singer and Retired Actress, Musical Theatre Performer (Equity and AGVA)
  • BFA, The New School


  • Self Empowerment

    I will work with you to uncover and free yourself from the unconscious limiting "self-stories", that we all have. Let me guide you to consciously self-create.

  • Well-Being

    Thorough highly effective prioritizing and time management, we will work together to break the barriers that are preventing you from successfully making productive choices in your life and relationships.

  • Mental Coaching

    Your mind is the strongest muscle you have and you must train it. Together, we will identify and target areas in your thought patterns that hold you back, or keep you unmotivated. All things are possible.

  • Accountability For Fitness + Life

    Empowerment training to guide you to plan ahead and be committed to your intentions. Setting and crushing SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic and Timely.