Laura  Lanham

Laura Lanham

Career and Leadership Coach

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I am a Career and Leadership Coach with 20 years experience helping leaders leverage talent, manage challenges and achieve goals. I specialize in Assessment, Communication, Conflict Resolution, Performance Management, Succession and Strategic Planning. I am proficient in using many assessments to aid clients in managing team dynamics and leveraging talent in themselves and others. I am working on the International Coaching Federation's certification, expected later this year. I also enjoy writing and have published several articles relating to personal and professional development.

My coaching process is self-directed, collaborative and produces tangible results. The process aims to include:
1) Assessment to enable member's awareness to define goals
2) Guiding exploration to close gaps and target outcomes
3) Creating actionable steps to achieve desired transitions
My top coaching strengths are Guiding with Purpose and Clarity, Adapting to various Styles/Preferences and Strategically Planning to move clients from Vision to Goal Achievement.


  • M.S. Organization Development - Johns Hopkins University
  • Certified Master of Career Services - National Career Development Association
  • Qualified Administrator for MBTI, DiSC, Strong, 360s and more.
  • Business Owner
  • Author of 4 Published Articles


  • Leadership

    I coach leaders at all levels and various industries to leverage strengths, overcome challenges, manage team dynamics and drive change.

  • Career

    Helping clients identify what's needed in their career to help them feel more satisfied. This includes assessing professional goals, identifying gaps and targeting their desired roles or outcomes.

  • Communication

    Whether it's being more assertive, influencing others, building trust or managing conflict, I will help you assess what is really going and how to conquer it.

  • Strategic Planning

    Taking clients from a Vision or Abstract Goals by creating an action-oriented approach that produces tangible results.