Michael Goodman

Michael Goodman

JMT Certifications

I choose to live a life of boldness so that when I die and god asks me what I did with the talents given me, I don't have to dig my toe in the sand, but rather point with dignity & pride to all the people whose lives I have made a difference in.

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PRICE: $200 / Hour


The diverse experience of 40 years in sales, 20 in private practice affords a very broad and deep understanding of growing and leading sales in a variety of industries. Coaching experience improves strength, confidence, courage, and skills to sell more, faster.

Additionally, leadership skills utilizing servant leadership, John Maxwell Leadership and personal experience are currently used by executives running companies up to 120 Million Dollars in annual revenue.

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  • John Maxwell Certification
  • Pinnacle Forum Facilitator
  • Adviser for Center for Entrepreneurial Innovation


  • Sales Leadership

    For small business owners who also lead salespeople, you likely often feel stressed, overwhelmed and underinformed. I create systems and structures to assist business owners in running a smooth and happy sales machine.

  • Sales Coaching

    The mechanics of sales are not that difficult, the performance game of sales often is. Head trash, personal power, and ease are often missing from peak performance. This is my passion, my specialty, and my greatest joy.

  • Sales Education

    I wrote the Solomon Sales System for early career sales professionals. It's turned out to be the greatest asset for even experienced professionals. If you're in commission sales and concerned, you will want this.