Mike Jones
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Mike Jones

Performance Coach

Progress over perfection

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I've worked with professionals for over a decade, as a founder of two companies and as a performance coach for individuals seeking to improve their overall wellness. My passion is to make peoples' lives better - and I do that by helping them think strategically about their physical and mental fitness, and their businesses, and implementing systems and practices that develop steady improvement over time.


  • MBA - Georgetown University
  • Founder - Union Fitness, built and sold the largest CrossFit business in the state of Minnesota
  • Founder - Alchemy 365, built a consumer fitness brand that has grown to 7 locations in 2 markets, with a national digital presence


  • Wellness

    Over time I've developed a unique framework for evaluating the whole self from a physical and mental fitness perspective, and can work with clients to steadily improve their overall wellness.

  • Entrepreneurship

    As an experienced founder of two successful companies and experienced advisor to new entrepreneurs, I can help with the hardest part - bringing new ideas to life and removing the barriers that prevent so many from starting

  • Business

    I advise business owners on developing the vision, strategy, and systems to make their company work for them