Mike X Huang

Mike X Huang

Certified Executive Coach: Conflict and Communication for Founders/Managers

Emotions are data. There is so much more to learn about yourself; so much more to do before you come close to hitting your limits.

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PRICE: $180 / Hour


Since I was in college, I have been a serial entrepreneur. As my inner circle were founders as well, they came to me constantly to get my perspective and work through their thoughts. Over time I found coaching to be a natural strength of mine.

I come from a diverse industry background, having worked in tech, finance, advertising, film and public accounting. I have managed large corporate projects, raised capital for investment purposes and coached founders to scale to 7 figure revenue businesses.

In all that time, I have found that emotional intelligence is the key to not only surviving but absolutely conquering your business goals. Communication, change and conflict - these are the 3 Cs you are expected to master once you have C-Suite attached to your title. As a coach, I want to help you find your own way of mastering these. And my personal goal is to coach you to the point where you won't need a coach anymore.


  • ICF - ACC Certification
  • Managing Partner - Real Estate Investment Fund
  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Masters Degree


  • Emotional Intelligence

    Self awareness, self regulation and empathy are at the heart of every great leader. Let's dive into where you currently stand, so that we can raise your EQ and bring out your unique leadership style.

  • Conflict and Communication

    Politics, drama and the whole downward spiral occurs when leaders make the mistake of not honing their communication and conflict resolution skills. Let's figure out your blind spots and raise your executive presence.

  • Entrepreneurship and Investing

    Founders and solopreneurs deal with an exhausting amount of mental/emotional burden. I can guide you in helping you help yourself towards your goals without burning out. This can a lonely road but it doesn't need to be.