Nikiva Dionne

Nikiva Dionne

B.A. Fashion Marketing and Management

"There is no growth in the comfort zone and no comfort in the growth zone."

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I've been a full time actress/model for 11 years and I'm the creator of the party game app, Lyric Party Game . I read the Alchemist on a Thursday and resigned from a lucrative career the following Monday. My journey is a journey of Faith, Obedience, Sacrifice, Surrender and Unparalleled Work Ethic. I'm equipped and prepared to share the intrusive thoughts that will discourage you along your journey towards purpose and how to silence them. I'll share approaches to create immediate R.O.I, I'll offer the necessary honesty in order to possess healthy expectations and run the brand of YOURSELF as a business to get others to see it as such. I will agree and partner with your desires but I can not do the work for you. There are things I wish I had known when I began a career in entertainment that I will share as an attempt to remove some of the bumps you will encounter along this worthwhile but bumpy road. I believe God has ordained each of us for a purpose bigger than ourselves, and as a result we will be required to constantly pour out, in order to truly know that when we are full of THE RIGHT STUFF we will never experience emptiness. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6133846/


  • B.A. Fashion Marketing & Management
  • A.A. Fashion Merchansiding
  • UCB Long Form Improv Completion
  • https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6133846/


  • Motivation & Perserverance

    I work with you to identify the 'season' you are in and it's fruitfulness. Your RIGHT NOW is necessary for the TOMORROW you desire!

  • Organize & Prioritize

    I work with you to separate the 'need to do's' and the 'want to do's' in order to begin experiencing productivity and results. Some things are 'want to do's' in one season and become 'need to do's' in another season.

  • Love Yourself

    I work with you to cultivate a health vision of who you are and how showing up FULLY as yourself will yield sustainable 'wins'.

  • Increase Productivity

    I work with you to utilize tools that I have implemented as a working actress and entrepreneur to maintain consistency in inconsistent industries.

  • Untwist your thinking

    I partner with you to identify the thoughts, lies and recurring themes in your life in order to get you out of your own way and into your purpose.

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