Roger Wilson

Roger Wilson

15 Year Pro Athlete / MS Performance Science / CEO of Tackle Smart Sports

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"You are defined by what you do when people are not looking"
Using my personal knowledge and experiences through education, professional sport, and running a business, I am here to help you take personal life and career to the next level.
With todays competitive environment I will share secrets on how to get to the top of your field and stay there by changing habits.


  • Bachelors of Science in Geography & Economics, Queen's University Belfast (2:1)
  • Master's in Performance Science, Setanta College Ireland (1st Class Honors)
  • Certified NextGen Development Specialist (CNDS), Michael Johnson Performance
  • Professional Rugby Player 2002-2017 (Represented the Ireland National Team)


  • Physical Wellness

    The key to success starts within. If you want change in your life you must change your daily habits. Exercise and diet are key components but people often neglect mindset.

  • Motivation

    Don't be fooled by social media...life is not great all the time! I'll help you understand what makes you tick, set goals to better your life and achieve them.

  • Organizing

    Whether you're studying, a busy parent, or an aspiring superstar, I will share my secrets to getting things done stress free within a hectic schedule.