Safiya Karsan Michel

Safiya Karsan Michel

Integrated leadership coach

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PRICE: $300 / Hour


I am passionate about helping women build confidence and connect with their authentic leadership styles. I started my career in human capital consulting where I focused on leadership development and organizational strategy. Since then I have had diverse professional experiences from running a company, founding a startup (and failing), to being in leadership roles at hyper growth scale ups.

I believe that working with an executive coach helps you accelerate your personal growth and be deliberate about that growth. I think a successful coaching partnership first starts with helping you build self awareness and setting goals for yourself. I work with clients to help them thrive in transitions (whether that is managing a promotion / interview process or articulating what you want your next life steps to look like), navigate workplace dynamics and relationships (to be intentional in how you "show up"), and build leadership skills (including effective team management, impactful communication, crisis management and driving organizational change and results.) 

As an experienced executive, I operate from the unique angle of nuanced business understanding (with specific experience in high-growth environments, professional services, and venture capital & private equity firms) combined with emotional awareness and connectivity.  


  • MBA, Harvard Business School | B.A. Psychology, Washington University in St. Louis | Personal efficiency coach


  • Helping you elevate your career and your life

    Focus on self awareness (external perception + understanding what it is you really want); build effective, flexible communication styles + executive presence; navigate workplace dynamics; thrive in transitions