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Sargam Patel

Startup & Entrepreneur Coach

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Sargam is the founder and CEO of Agent18, a mobile accessory company founded in 2004. Agent18 launched hundreds of products and sold to nearly every major retailer in the US including Apple, Target, BestBuy, and Walmart. Agent18 also develops private label products in the consumer space for companies such as Coach, Barnes & Noble, HP and others.

Our main focus at Agent18 going forward is to guide companies through their engineering/design phase in the USA, then product development and mass production process in China. We collaborate with clients on their vision, then provide design resources, industry insights and subject matter experts to deliver world-class products quickly and efficiently.


  • YPO Pacific One
  • Patent Creator for JBL On Tour Portable Speaker
  • Patent Creator for the Segmented French Press
  • Michigan State University - Physics & Analog Electronics


  • Entrepreneurialism

    Through my business leadership and ingenuity, Agent18 became a recognized innovator in the mobile accessories space, selling to nearly every major retailer in America.

  • Product Development & Management

    I've spearheaded patents on some of the most popular consumer products on the market today. If you have an idea for a product, I can help you turn it into reality.

  • Marketing

    It's one thing to have a great product idea, buts its another to actually get the word out there. I can help you bring your product to market in a cost effective, impactful way.