Shannon Bevers

Shannon Bevers

Executive & Leadership Coach, People Operations & HR

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PRICE: $100 / Hour


What if you aligned your strengths, values, and worldview in all aspects of your life? What would it look like to have a meaningful professional life that matches up with who you are and what’s important to you? Research proves that people are prone to feel depressed and disengaged when a mismatch occurs. Together, we will design your personal work-life symmetry.


  • Startup People Ops leader for 10-years and 5 organizations
  • Co-Active Coach - Coaches Training Institute
  • Human Resources Management - Cornell University
  • BS, Music Business - University of Wisconsin


  • Leadership

    Together we will tackle the barriers that are holding you back.

  • Entrepreneurship

    We will design a process for launching and running towards your big goals.

  • Workplace Dynamics & Hiring

    I will help you dig into the fundamentals of workplace dynamics , as well as team and interpersonal relationships. Learn to hire the right talent for your team and how to retain them.

  • Motivation, Prioritization, Perseverance

    Lets define your values and prioritize what really matters. You can create the tools to personally feel fulfilled and successfully accomplish your goals, even when life gets hard.