Steffen Zawierucha
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Steffen Zawierucha

M. Sc. Power Electronics

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Hi, I'm Steffen! I am an engineer, startup entrepreneur and have a passion for helping people become financially free. I develop electronic applications for the automotive industry and founded my own tech startup in a similar field.
My goal in life was always to become finencially independent through passive income while I'm still in my early 30s. Together we can develop the right mindset and get your plan started today!


  • Founder & CEO of Simplycated GmbH
  • Electrical Engineer for Mercedes-Benz (Germany & Silicon Valley)
  • M. Sc. Powerelectronics - University of Stuttgart
  • B. Sc. Powerelectronics - University of Stuttgart


  • Financial Freedom

    What does it take to be financially free? Do you have the right mindset for your financial future? Let's develop a plan for you and get started!

  • Passive Income

    Do you know how many different forms of passive income exist and how you can achieve them?

  • Investment Types

    Together we can figure out which Investment type is best for you!

  • Balancing Your Work Lives

    Keeping your day job and building your financial future on the side, it's possible!