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Welcome to the Hundred Life Design Resource Library. This is a great place to get started if you're on the fence about working with a coach. All content is free to download and yours to enjoy.

But remember, all of this information is PASSIVE. What that means is, while it may be enlightening, it will only be effective for you if you actually take the steps we recommend to apply it.


Unstuck: 6 Steps to Change Your Life

Making big changes in life can be overwhelming, and getting started is often the hardest part. Take some of the stress out of change by getting familiar with our 6 steps!

Work Smarter

You've heard the term before, "Work Smarter, Not Harder." But what does that even mean? Learn as we break down this cliche notion into something that not only makes sense, but actually works.

People Are Crazy!

Let's be honest, they are! Whether it's our friends, family, colleagues, lovers, or whoever, dealing with other people can be a challenge. Learn how to do it effectively and with grace.


About Coaching

Intro to Coaching & Hundred

Learn what coaching is all about in this simple, quick read.

The True Cost of Coaching

Coaching sounds expensive, but in the grand scheme of things it just isn't. This is about investing in yourself. Click to learn more.

What Makes Hundred's Coaches Any Good?

What is a coach? And how do I know I can trust one? With so much garbage out there, it can be hard to sort through the B.S. Take a look at this simple guide for some clarity.

Personal Life

Social Circle Self Assessment

Gain a better understanding about with whom you spend your most time, and why type of people they are.

10 Ways to Say "No" to Invitations

When we're invited to something, it can be hard to say "no," especially in the moment. Here are 10 ways to to decline an offer without hurt feelings.

10 Pick Up Lines That Work

Ok, so maybe dad jokes, pick up lines, and cheesy puns are not your thing.... but if they are, these lines are gold! We cannot guarantee they'll work, but they have been tested in the field!

Break Up With Your Past

Moving on can be hard. But it's often necessary. Learn how to do it effectively and move on with your life.

Dealing With Your Family Around The Holidays

Oh joy, it's that time of year again already! Here is your guide to getting through the festive family dinner.

Recycling Yourself

Maybe you've moved to a new place, or simply want to start over. Learn to "recycle" yourself, or take advantage of your already existing skills and knowledge to become someone new.

Moving Beyond A Separation

Breakups suck. And moving past them can be difficult. But this guide can help.

The Art of Storytelling

The oldest and most effective way of communication is through the use of stories. Whether you're just chatting with friends or giving a keynote speak, learn the art of this tired and true communication technique.

Work Life

Cash Management Template

A simple, easy to use temple for getting your personal and/or professional finances in order. Complete with instructions!

10 Ways to Deal with Difficult Co-Workers

There is always at least 1 person in your workplace you just can't stand. And chances are, you're not alone. Check out how to deal with those less than pleasant colleagues of yours.

Start Up Roster

Thinking of starting your own business? There are a lot of moving parts. Here is a simple check list to make sure you've got the basics covered.

6 Ways to Communicate More Effectively

The title says it all. Check it out!

Develop Your Creative Thinking

It's easier said than done. Well actually, now with this guide its pretty easy done too!

Work-Life Ecosystem

Forget work-life balance. You just can't compartmentalize the two. Enter the work-life ecosystem.

Health & Wellness

Health Behavior Self Assessment

Looking and feeling your best? Assess your health behavior.

5 Behaviors You Should Kick Now

Old habits die hard. But some really need to now! Learn what they are and how you can drop them.

3 Simple Tips To Completly Boost Your Health

The title says it all. Check it out!


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