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What Is Life Coaching and Who is an Online Life Coach?

February 12, 2020

While we all have the ability to set and achieve big goals by ourselves, it is never a walk in the park. Life is often tough and presents us with new challenges each passing day. It is common to be overwhelmed by these difficulties and you may find yourself in a maze, running in circles, despite having a clear vision of what you want to achieve. However, most of the time, all we need is a person who can guide us in organizing our ideas from a different perspective — that person is called a life coach.


A life coach provides us with support and empowers us to achieve our career and personal goals. A life coach will bridge the gap between our potential and what we have actually achieved. Studies have shown that life coaching and training increases the productivity of an individual by 88%. Many people who are hugely successful in their personal lives and careers have reported to have engaged a life coach on their way to success.


Today, many professionals are seeking businesses coaches, finance coaches, and relationship coaches to help them attain success and live a holistic life. With many people juggling between work and home roles, the time to consult a life coach physically is minimal. Luckily, we have the internet, which has made it possible to engage an online life coach by the click of a button. Utilizing communication channels such as Skype, Facebook video, WeChat, Google Hangouts, and Viber, we can consult an online life coach by video. Online life coaching has become popular because it allows us to benefit from a life coach without having to drastically revise our schedules.

An online life coach will help you achieve the following.


1. Improve Your Problem Solving Process


Life skill coaching will enable you to view your challenges from different perspectives. Bouncing off ideas with your life coach will help you utilize the tools at your disposal more effectively to help you navigate difficulties that hinder your goal attainment.


2. Boost Your Self-Confidence and Esteem


Self-confidence impacts how successful you are or will be. Through leadership coaching and motivational coaching, you will be more spirited to face life with high confidence. In the long run, you will achieve high self-esteem, which will accelerate the rate of attaining your goals.


3. Cease Bad Habits and Pessimistic Attitude


An online life coach will support and help you ditch that bad habit that may be the Achilles heel to your success. When you’re already focused to change the negative traits in your life, a life coach comes in handy by directing you to the right path.


Common Misconceptions About Life Coaching


1. Life Coaching Is Therapy


A life coach isn’t concerned with how your past life affects your present life. Life coaching doesn’t provide answers to historical questions in your life. Instead, life coaching helps you attain an already set goal.

2. Life Coaches Provide Solutions and Advice

The primary purpose of a life coach is to help you navigate through your ideas and goals. A life coach will not give you a fix to your challenges. Rather, life coaching will help you find the best ways to utilize your ideas to solve your career or life puzzles.



3. Life Coaching Is For Failures



You’ll be surprised to find out that most globally successful people have gone through life coaching. It is not for the people with the most problems but rather for the individuals who seek a better way to achieve their goals.



4. Life Coaches Are Over-Priced and Need to be Long Term



On the contrary, you can hire a life coach for even a month. People who have engaged life coaches in their lives will tell you that they’re worth every buck.


Life coaching will help you become a better person in life by providing guidance, empowerment, and fostering improvement. Platforms such as hundredlifedesign.com will assist you in finding the suitable life coach that you seek, at prices starting 40% less than the national average. Book an appointment today.

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